This year’s curriculum, Beyond Belief, invites campers to ask the big questions about God and explore how God can be seen in the vastness of creation, the power of community, and even in their own hearts.  Here is a quick look at what we will be discussing during worship and small groups at camp this summer.

Psalm 139 –“What if we belong to God?”  God created us to love us and know us intimately.  Nothing we can do will change God’s love for us.  We’ll see that God already knows and loves us, and we will be assured that God knows the hopes and fears we bring to camp.  We’ll also learn about belonging at camp and the importance of community as we get to know one another as children of God and experience welcome and hospitality.

Luke 1:35-55 — “What if God is bigger?”  God chooses each of us to make God’s love bigger.  We will celebrate the ways God’s love can be made bigger by each camper.  We’ll explore the vastness of creation and see that God is bigger than what has been and what we imagine will be.  We’ll also claim discovery about God as a journey with no end and wonder about what else we may still discover about God.

Mark 2:1-5 — “What if hope is real?”  Jesus affirms that having hope and acting on it is a powerful way to embody faith.  Hope is a necessary force in our faith lives, can always be found, and is a sign of God’s presence.  Hope pushes us to innovate and create new solutions to the world’s problems, and we will learn where our hopes align with God’s hope and seek to align them further.

John 6:1-14 — “What if there is more than enough?”  God provides us tools to be who we need to be.  We’ll experience that the more we trust God’s presence in our lives, the more we find ourselves guided toward abundance and peace.  By combining our gifts and passions with God and others, we can accomplish our hopes.  Even if we aren’t satisfied with our own talents personally, God will find a place where we can contribute.

Mark 7:25-30 — “What if we speak up?”  We will spend time discerning God’s way for the world and find the courage to use our gifts as God’s voice.  We will reflect on where the world needs us the most and claim personal passion as it connects with God’s vision for the world.

Matthew 5:13-16 — “What if we change the world?”  Jesus encourages us to embrace the ways that God wants to use us to make the world a better place.  Responding to God’s call can make a difference.  We will imagine the world as God intends and learn that God’s Spirit is alive in us, as well as find community support needed to impact the world.

Luke 10:1-9 — “What if we go beyond?”  As the week draws to a close and campers go home, we will be reminded that we do not go alone; there is nowhere we can go that God doesn’t go with us.  We believe in God’s power to work through us as we proclaim God’s vision for the future and invite others to participate.  We will learn to see beyond today, because the world will be bigger tomorrow.

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