A new high ropes challenge course was constructed at Camp Tanako in the beginning of the 2016 summer camping season.  Many of our campers climbed, rappelled, traversed the challenging elements, and zip lined.  Some campers approached this new challenge with keenness, most were at least a little apprehensive, and “freeze-ups” were common occurrences.  However, the unprompted support and encouragement that came from campers on the ground was often enough to give the participant an extra boost of confidence to finish the course.  By the time their feet landed on the ground again, they realized what they accomplished and how much fun they had fun doing it.

Not only is the ropes course a new and fun activity for our campers, but it’s also a tool for discovery.  High ropes courses present opportunities for campers and participants to learn about risk taking, their own perceived limits, how they perform and transform under pressure, how they give and receive support to and from others, and how communication and collaboration will help individuals achieve more than they can accomplish on their own. In other words, the body of Christ is set in motion.

People have different abilities, and a ropes course helps participants realize they can contribute their gifts to benefit themselves and the group on and off the course. Structured debriefing helps connect the experience on the course to real world applications, and campers will utilize what they discover about themselves during their remaining time at camp and for the rest of their lives.  Sparks ignited on the high ropes course creates an illuminating ripple effect as campers carry these new experiences back to their communities and local churches, igniting sparks in others they encounter along the way.

We are still accepting donations to pay for the initial costs as well as to help cover maintenance costs.  The ropes course is not limited to summer campers.  If you’re looking to bring your group to Camp Tanako, ask about participating on the ropes course.  Camp Tanako’s course was designed to be flexible, and we can create a custom experience that is perfect for your group. Our trained and certified facilitators will ensure your group has a safe, memorable experience.

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