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Join us for this low-key, family focused introduction to camping at Tanako. Children of all ages and their families are invited for an overnight stay complete with arts & crafts, singing, games, a campfire, hiking, and of course, experiencing the presence of God in this beautiful place. A separate registration form is needed for each family member, but the cost includes the whole family. Sleeping arrangements will be by gender.

October 2 -3 

“Growing up at Tanako was a true blessing. Between the beautiful views the camp provides and the passionate hearts in every staff member, I continually felt God’s love surrounding me. The friendships forged at Tanako are lifelong and I couldn’t imagine a better place to grow up!”
Bennett P.

lifelong Tanako camper

Our Approach To Camping Ministry
Camp Tanako’s mission is to welcome children, youth,and adults to a place set apart where they can grow in their faith by experiencing God through nature and spending time in community and respond to the call of the Holy Spirit.  Participants in the ministry at Camp Tanako leave this setting to return to local congregations revitalized to engage in local community and congregational ministries with a renewed empowerment and relationship with God. The ministries of the Spirit that happen in this beautiful setting take children, youth, and adults into a place apart. A place where they are valued and loved, where they try new things that build confidence and broaden horizons. At camp people are given unique opportunities to grow into who God plans for them to be. Camp is a part of the process that begins in home and local churches. Camp is full of rich experiences that immerse participants in an array of opportunities to meet Christ face to face. Experiences at Camp Tanako offer participants an opportunity for spiritual revival by shifting their focus from the trappings and stress of daily life to the One who is the Source of Life. Those experiences that happen at camp translate back to local churches. It is our goal to fan an ember or flame that has been sparked in the local church. This flame is encouraged to burn brighter through camp experiences.
Q:  Once we arrive at camp, what do we do to check in? 

A:  When you get to the camp, come into the Tanako Life Center (TLC).  There will be people there to meet you and help get your camp experience started.  Leave all your bags in the car, there will be time for them later.

Q:  My child takes medication regularly.  How will that be handled while they are at camp for the week?

A:  When you check-in for camp, you will make a stop at the health screening table.  There will be staff to gather all the information about your camper’s medication and dosing schedule.  One member of the Tanako staff is responsible for all medication administration and documentation during the week.  All medications, whether over the counter or prescription, must be administered by camp staff and not kept in the cabins.  The only exceptions are medical emergencies.  Each day a registered nurse is at the camp to review documentation of illness and any accidents.

Q:  My camper is scheduled to play in a tournament during the week he/she attends camp.  Can they register for part of the session or be picked up and brought back to camp?

A:  All Tanako campers are full time campers.  There are no partial registrations or returns to camps once a camper has departed.

Q:  What are the procedures for picking my camper up?

A:  The Authorized Release Form will be collected at check-in at the start of your camper’s session. This form will include the names of persons authorized to pick up your camper.  When your camper is picked-up, the authorized must person must sign the camper out.  Please have identification to be checked by the camper’s counselor.  This is for the safety of your camper.

Q:  Can you give me more information about session options?

A:  As you register your camper, you will notice that there are a variety of session options listed with each camp.  These options include activities such as Garvan Gardens, Horseback Riding (requires long pants and closed toe shoes), and Outpost Tanako.  Different options will be available for different sessions.  For example, campers attending Elementary, Jr. High, and Sr. High camps will have the option for horseback riding, but this is not available at other sessions.  If you have questions about any of the activities, please contact our office at 501-262-2600

Q:  What does my camper need to bring to camp?

A:  Please see our What to Pack page.

Q:   Can my camper receive mail?

A:  Yes!  Mail call is held once each day.  Everyone loves to get mail!  Mail arrives in the afternoon around 3:00 pm each day.  Mail received on the last day of camp cannot be delivered to campers.  Parents can also send their campers a Bunk Note (email) at Bunk1.  Keep in mind, your camper will not have any way to email you back.

Q:  Can I call my camper while they are at camp?

A:  Campers do not have access to a phone at camp.  No cell phones are allowed at camp!!!  No exceptions!!!  If there is a family emergency, please contact the camp office at 501-262-2600 any time of day or night.  During the session, if a camper needs to have  professional medical attention, the parents or guardians will be contacted immediately.  Most scrapes and bug bites do not warrant a parent phone call.

Q:  Does the camp have a dress code?

A:  Clothing will be free of advertisements for alcoholic beverages, cigarette products, and profane messages.  All other inappropriate messages or articles of clothing are prohibited.  Shirts and sport tops must have shoulder straps.  Shirts should also cover the waistband and should not expose the area between the underarm and waist.  Tube, spaghetti strap tanks, muscle shirts and low-cut or low-hanging shirts are not permitted.  Shorts should be of appropriate length on the thigh.  The back of the shorts should not risk exposing “cheeks” if one was to bend over.  All swimsuits should be tasteful and appropriate.  Camp Tanako reserves the right for the executive director to determine what is appropriate.

What To Bring To Camp
Click here for a list of what to pack for camp.
Check In/Out Process

Fall Family Camp:

Registration will begin at 6:00PM on Friday.  Park in the big parking lot located next to the Tanako Life Center, leave your bags in the car, and come inside to meet the camp staff and get your cabin assignment.  When you know what cabin to go to, get moved in and situated.  Dinner will be served at 6:30.

Camp will conclude on Saturday at 4:00PM.  There will be plenty of time to pack your bags after lunch.  Make sure you leave with everything (and everyone) you came with, and we’ll see you next time.


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