Outpost Tanako

Outpost Tanako is designed to be an intentionally rustic camping experience for one night of your camper’s week of camp. Part of the mission at Camp Tanako is to help our campers experience God through nature and spend time in community, and we believe Outpost Tanako is an excellent way to do just that. The day before they spend the night outside, campers and their counselors will go visit their campsite. They will dig a fire pit, collect fire wood, and play games at their camp site to get acquainted with their new surroundings. On the afternoon of , they will return to their home in the woods. Under close and careful supervision of our counselors, campers will learn basic fire building techniques and have a chance to test their new skills when building a cooking fire. Campers will then have the opportunity to help cook dinner. And we’re not talking about hot dogs and s’mores! They’ll fry potatoes for an appetizer in a dutch oven, cook up sizzling chicken fajitas with flame roasted vegetables, and bake a cobbler for dessert. After clean up, they will gather around the camp fire for worship. Then it’s off to bed. Campers will sleep suspended in a hammock under our new hammock huts. And in the morning, campers will stoke the fire back up for breakfast. On the menu is beignets, maybe even a few chocolate filled ones! After the campsite has been cleaned up (we practice Leave No Trace ethics as best we can), campers will return to main camp for the rest of the week.

Elementary Outpost Tanako

May 31 - June 5

June 14 - June 19

July 5 - July 10

July 19 - July 24

July 26 - July 31

Junior High Outpost Tanako

June 14 - June 19

July 5 - July 10

July 19 - July 24

Senior High Outpost Tanako

July 12 - July 17

“Tanako is my home away from home.  It’s the place where I knew I belonged, and where I could be myself without feeling judged.  Most importantly, it’s the place where I fist experienced God’s love.”
Erin M.

lifelong Tanako camper and former staff

Our Approach To Camping Ministry
Camp Tanako’s mission is to welcome children, youth,and adults to a place set apart where they can grow in their faith by experiencing God through nature and spending time in community and respond to the call of the Holy Spirit.  Participants in the ministry at Camp Tanako leave this setting to return to local congregations revitalized to engage in local community and congregational ministries with a renewed empowerment and relationship with God. The ministries of the Spirit that happen in this beautiful setting take children, youth, and adults into a place apart. A place where they are valued and loved, where they try new things that build confidence and broaden horizons. At camp people are given unique opportunities to grow into who God plans for them to be. Camp is a part of the process that begins in home and local churches. Camp is full of rich experiences that immerse participants in an array of opportunities to meet Christ face to face. Experiences at Camp Tanako offer participants an opportunity for spiritual revival by shifting their focus from the trappings and stress of daily life to the One who is the Source of Life. Those experiences that happen at camp translate back to local churches. It is our goal to fan an ember or flame that has been sparked in the local church. This flame is encouraged to burn brighter through camp experiences.


4301 State Hwy 290
Hot Springs, AR 71913





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